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The offensive meme battles and duel games are HERE!
Example battle
Sword of left fighter
Sword of left fighter
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Gaming for the crypto degenerates!

Play using $VSCN, destroy the opponents and take their $VSCN!
Some battles we already have in mind: Kamala vs Trump, Ass vs Tits, celebrities and etc.


The winning side is selected at random, but the odds are influenced by the distribution of coins between the two sides. For instance, if one side holds 70% of the coins, it has a 70% likelihood of winning. Winners split the losers' coins proportionally to their stake. Very small amount* of the winnings will be taken for marketing and development purposes.

*not yet determined, probably from 2% to 5%.

Duel games

Play unique and classic duel games against other players and earn $VSCN! Some example games: Rock, Paper and Scissors, Coin flip, Minefield, Go, Battleship and etc. Defeat your opponents and claim their $VSCN!

Play to Earn

Earn $VSCN by playing games and battles on the platform. The more you play, the more you can earn! The platform also has a Community Incentive Program, where you can earn $VSCN by promoting our gaming platform or VersusCoin.


Stake $VSCN and earn passive rewards from the fees generated by the platform! Read more about $VSCN Staking on VersusCoin platfrom.


VSCN token is based on Solana blockchain.

Launched on 2024-04-02.

Seeded to Raydium 2024-04-06.

100% fair distribution.

No premine or presale.

LP pool locked and burned.

Mint privileges revoked.

Total and floating supply 1,000,000,000.

Developer initially holding 55m (5.5% of supply, planning to burn).

Marketing initially holding 55m (5.5% of supply).


For more detailed information about the $VSCN token, the platform, and future plans, please read our whitepaper.

Open $VSCN Whitepaper

Fair launch

The $VSCN crypto coin was launched on The launch was fair, everyone had the chance to get in early. Our Telegram members were notified first.


All outcomes of the battles will be determined by a publicly available smart contract!


We are moving forward much faster than we planned!


April 2nd

✅ Fair token launch on

✅ Our Telegram members will be notified first.

After token launch

✅ Development and testing of the platform.

✅ Airdrops and initial marketing on social networks.

✅ Incentive Program - airdrops of $VSCN to community for battle suggestions.

April 9th

✅ Launch of the first battle (closed beta for the top holders).


✅ Integration of multiple concurrent battles.

✅ Integration of various lotteries.

✅ Integration of the real-time chat/messages for battles.


✅ Development of additional features to expand the platorm.

✅ Integration of community suggestions.


Huge Update!

✅ Platform's chatroom integration.

✅ Duel games: Coin flip, Rock Paper Scissor, Minefield.

✅ Community Incentive Program: earn VSCN by promoting the platform and VSCN.

✅ Bug bounty program.

✅ Increased security features.

✅ More platform's statistics available.

✅ Bugfixes and overall pollishing of the platform.

2024 Q3/Q4

VSCN staking: earn a portion of fees collected on the platform.

Advertisements and marketing.

Platform expansion.

More duel games.

NFT collection.

Battles of real-world events.

CEX listings.


More CEX listings.

Burn of DEV tokens.

Mobile app.

Expansion to new blockhains.

Partnerships with streamers and influencers.

Other plans

Even more CEX listings!

Implementation of smart contracts to decide battle outcomes.

Lottery to win a car.

This is a long-term project.

Some features are implemented sometimes sooner, sometimes later than expected.

We firmly believe that building a big community and strong platform will be very rewarding to both developers and the $VSCN holders.

The roadmap is subject to change based on the success of our marketing efforts, collected platform fees, and other factors.

Last updated: 2024-07-11

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